neljapäev, 5. mai 2016


the driver behind me did find his car's breaks eventually and didn't crash mine, also I managed to fix my car's left mirror with the shewing-gum, I did consider my car troubles over for today. Since I decided I've saved some money, I got carried away by fashion- shopping. Almost forgotten how exiting this could be!
So - I'm blogging fashion today wink emoticon
Hat from H&M, love the shape! It's so me. Also love the air and space between my brain and my new summer hat. 
Couldn't resist the H&M suede tote bag also, it's so ... blue!

There are some rare and fragile moments, when I feel like old me again -  I mean the Jana before I became responsible bothered mom. I'm out of emotional and reckless choices now. Almost all the time. Can't have everything at the same time, but that's ok. So, as they say: "Sometimes you make choices and sometimes choices make you".:-)

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